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January 20, 2018

35 degrees this morning and cloudy. Man.....I don`t think we ever got below freezing last night either. This is the kind of crap weather that kills us and the trails. What really pisses me off is the weather guesser idiots get all excited about the warmer temps!! Its winter time man, go live somewhere else if you don`t like it!!!!! You probably noticed I didn`t post a trail report yesterday. This is because I`m not gettin the cooperation from the other groomer drivers. All they have to do is shoot me a text saying this trail is in this shape or that shape so I know what to report.....and they know this. For the people who follow me, you know I don`t write no BS. Can you tell I`m in a rotten mood? Its partly the weather, partly the cooperation and something else.....keep reading till the end....but fer now....on to the trails.

I did get full cooperation from Groomer Dave M. and Groomer Steve who ran yesterday. Dave ran trail #8 south. To my amazement and his the swamp held up. Its still solid as of last night but I got the feeling that will change today. He rated the whole trail as good......fer now.

Groomer Steve ran the Falls trail #45 and rated that as good. Both trails saw heavy traffic yesterday and it will be worse today. I`m runnin the Falls trail tonight and Groomer Mike or Loren is hittin the Pine Stump trail.

Now on to whats got me in such a foul mood. We are down to two machines, and it might be awhile. The boys were out working on the machine with the small leak and found a "catastrophic failure". The frame is worse....down right busted.....on both sides just in front of the drives. We are surprised the thing didn`t just bust in two!!! We are not sure if it can even be welded and hold. We are trying to get ahold of the factory for advice......but its the weekend. So you see? Right in the middle of the season. This machine only has a little more than 3000 hrs. on it.

I`ll end this report on a bright note. We are expecting a storm for Sunday night and Monday. "They" are saying 8-12 inches. We`ll see.....stay tuned.

Groomer Chris


Fighting through the snow



January 18, 2018

17 degrees this morning and a blue sky. Just saw a beautiful sunrise too. Here`s my story for today.....

Groomer Mike ran the Pine Stump trail #8 last night. He called it in good to excellent shape with drifting in Siberia.

Groomer Gerald ran the Falls trail #45 and called it good.

I ran trail #8 south and am also gonna call it good. The swamp is solid with no open water holes but me thinks that will change with this warm up coming. Keep an eye on this report and I`ll keep you up to date on da swamp. The rest of the trail is good to excellent.

Today we have a little wrenching to do. Remember the machine with the small leak? Its STILL there. We got some dye to put in the system and we think we found it. Of course its in the worst place. We have to split the tracks to get at it. We have all the parts we need to fix it, just need some bodies. So if anyone is available today, come on out to the barn. This fix will probably take most of the day.

Soooo....thats what I have fer today. Lets hope this warm up isn`t too bad and we get this storm "they" are watching for Monday.


Groomer Chris

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