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May 4, 2018

Hey folks, just thought I would get on here to see how many of you pay attention after season and give you some updates and test your memories.

Question one: Remember when our oldest machine broke down this past season and why?

Answer: It was Feb. 10th and it was the injector pump. I mention this cause we just got this machine runnin again last Wednesday.......YES.....2 days ago. The reason it took so long is we had to do a ton more testing on a ton more stuff to determine why this pump went out and the new pump came from the UK. You see....we are still working on stuff......FOR YOU!!

Question two: Remember when I said we were gonna have a meeting with the head muckity mucks at the DNR to voice our concerns on all the machine problems we are having?

Well that happened yesterday and it went very well. You see...we are STILL working for you....for free too!!!! I`m not gonna get into all the details about our meeting, but here are a couple you need to know.

We are really working on replacing 2 machines. The one I mentioned above is 11 yrs. old with 6300 hrs. on it. This one just has to go but right now it sure runs good....LOL. The other machine is the Trooper. We are working on either getting it refurbushed or replaced. We would rather replace it but I got the feeling the later is gonna happen. If we can get one new machine we would be overjoyed!!!!

This is all preliminary right now. Everybody doesn`t have all their paper work in to figure out next years budget, but we should hear something buy the end of June.

Just thought I would get on here for a quick FYI. Lets look foward to a better next far as machine problems go.

Groomer Chris




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