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Fighting through the snow



February 27, 2017

18 degrees this morning and sunny. Supposed to get to about freezing today then alittle warm for Tuesday then drop back down to "normal"....whatever that is. We picked up about 6-8 inches over the weekend....which really helped out the trails.

All trails were groomed all weekend except the south trail #8. This trail is under water in the swamp and not good south of the river. I got a pretty good feeling we are done with it for the season. The Point trails #452 and #453 are good and the Pine Stump trail #8 is still good. We had a couple of good size water holes open up on the Falls trail #45 this weekend but got `em filled in so I`ll call this trail 99% good. Just be carefull around the posted wet areas. Like I said before, we WILL keep grooming until the weather won`t allow so don`t believe any negative rumors you hear, check my reports, you`ll know the truth.

Thats what I got fer ya`s today. Keep checking back, I`ll keep ya`ll updated.                    Groomer Chris



February 25, 2017

20 degrees this morning and snowing. Picked up some snow yesterday and last night but its hard to tell how much cause it was so windy, I`m gonna call it 2 inches just to put a number on it. The weather guessers are calling for 3 more today. Good news/bad news on the trails, so here we go.

I`m gonna start with the bad this time. We closed the gates on the swamp south of town, trail #8. Its under water and the power line south of town is too. Just can`t do anything about that. All other trails are in good shape. They are flat and a touch icey, so be carefull. We are gonna run all of them tonight. I heard a rumor that we are done grooming, this is NOT TRUE!!!! I`m grooming tonight so I don`t know how that got started. We will keep grooming until Ole Man Winter puts a stop order on us. So don`t pay no mind to negative rumors. You always get the truth from me!!!

Bout all I gots fer ya`s today. As usual, I`m keeping an eye on the weather UP here and you keep an eye on me.         Groomer Chris


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