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Groomer Chris' Trail Report dated, 1/31/2018

"We have approximately 120 miles of trail we take care of. It is broken down into 4 sections.

Section one is the Pine Stump trail #8. It is from the barn to Pine Stump and back. It takes around 12 hours to run and is our longest run. We start this run around noon most of the time so the guys are not out all night.

Section two is the run south outa town on trail #8. It starts at the barn then runs through town then through our infamous swamp and towards the Soo and Hulbert. It takes about 8 hrs. to run. We try to start this run around noon also so when we come back through town in the evening its not too late to make a bunch of racket for the residents who live on the trail....just some courtesy from us to them.

Section three is the Point Trails #452 and #453. We start to run them early in the morning ( I`ll explain that in a minute ). They take about 8 hrs to run also and go from the barn and around the Point.

Section four is the Falls Trail #45. It starts at the barn and goes to town on trail #45 and then we hit trail #8 from town back to the barn and then to the Falls. It takes around 7 hrs. to complete. We hit this in the evening because we have to wait for the Point guy to get back from his run. Remember we have just 3 machines......most of the time. lol

Just thought I would explain this FYI. Hope you enjoyed!!"  Groomer Chris, 1/31/2018 Trail Report

Please try to patronize these businesses when you are in town. They put in countless hours for your enjoyment for free!!
Mike Cook Paradise Foods
Chris Saunders Saunders Sunrise Cabins
Dave Ferguson Curlys Motel
Dave Moore Hulbert Happy Hour
Jack Grimes The Lodge at Silver Creek
Scott Erickson Advantage Auto Recycling
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These are the residents who do it just for "fun" but a high five or a thumbs up is always appreciated
Gerald Roach Don Bitner
Mike Hesidence
 Zach Ferguson

Glenn Kempel

This is a special shout out to people who support the Night Riders behind the scenes.

Joanne Cook Paradise Foods
Nikki Craig, Website Maintenance

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